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**VIDEO NEWS** "Words" video is done!! Filmed by David Martin Creative Services. David Martin is one of the best things that came out of my families time in Nashville.  He is a dear friend, music enthusiast, and extremely talented photographer/videographer. He strung together live feeds, the words of the song, and all of my hair brain requests for pictures to make this amazing video capture what I wanted to say with this song.  Forever grateful, and honored to have this recording project documented!!


**MUSIC NEWS**new single "From Here" available for streaming this week


**MOVIE NEWS -"The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlile" has just been picked up by Amazon!!  This movie used  "Too Much Trouble", "Wet Hands" , & "Vine Ripe" from my Bareknuckle Band Album 2010 "Still Waiting", and a song I composed for the closing credits called "La Di Da". Super excited!  Put "The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlile" on your Watchlist!  


**LIVE MUSIC- BFranck Productions is closer than ever to releasing the first run of gatherings that will feature some amazing musicians, good eats, and some fundraising for some of my favorite organizations, all in an outside area while we ride out this pandemic. WE NEED LIVE MUSIC! 

stay tuned!!  


Check out this beautiful write up in this months "Southern Flavor Magazine" for more information on BFranckProductions

BFranck Productions is a new business venture I am so excited to announce. I love playing house shows, eating and learning about new foods, and helping charitable causes. Out of these passions "BFranck Productions" emerged. An intimate food & music experience where a percentage of the proceeds go to a philanthropy.  We would love to bring this experience to your town! 

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Betsy Franck is a soulful Americana Blues singer, songwriter, guitarist, festival throwing, fundraising, party planning, people connector.  A native Virginian, she has most recently settled in the North GA mountains. Betsy spent a lot of time in the musical communities of Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC, Nashville, TN., and AthensGA.,  which she lovingly refers to as “home.” Performing and recording 5 studio albums along the way.

Her powerful vocal style, a common focus of accolades, has been described as “Gospel-strong,” and “siren-sweet.”

But that is only part of the picture when trying to describe a live performance and the stories that she tells.  Through many years of cultivating her craft, she is able to lead the listener through her own life experiences imparting lessons she's learned and mistakes she would gladly repeat with a wisdom and elegance that is all her own. Often compared or billed alongside country, folk, and Americana comrades, she has a vintage rock and roll blues flavor that allows her music to span multiple genres. 

Her latest musical effort, an Ep entitled "Words", is a movement meant to inspire more thought to the words that all of us speak. Giving respect to the roads that we all travel, the baggage we all carry, and the love and forgiveness that we all seek.

In addition to her own projects, Betsy has worked as a session vocalist and has shared the stage with countless performers including John Popper (Blues Traveler), Randall Bramblett, Bobby Keys (Rolling Stones), and has played support for such prominent acts as Loretta Lynn, Billy Joe Shaver, Leon Russell, Lucinda Williams, Jerry Joseph, Shooter Jennings, Chris Knight, Justin Townes Earle, and St. Paul and The Broken Bones.

Betsy is continuing to write and create during these unprecedented times, and is excited to be pouring energy into keeping original live music at the forefront of her efforts through intimate small gatherings that also bring assistance and awareness to various nonprofit organizations. 

**cover photo jrwardphotography**

**seated photo Haywood Thomas**

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"Words", my single is available for download!! Do it!! The rest of the EP will be coming soon. Thanks for your support. :) 




Betsy Franck

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"Words" began as a song and has developed into a personal movement and basis for spreading a positive message through my work. I scribbled down the verses in less than 10 minutes, then it sat for a while. I tried it out at shows, but it did not take shape until my good friend, and musical collaborator, Scott Low, suggested I throw in a B minor, and to focus on coming up with one line to tie it all together, and "Words" was finished.

I didn't want to write a song that would add to the melancholy of the world. But would serve as a reminder to myself and to any who listen that our daily reality is based upon what we say and what we allow ourselves to think. I wrote this song bothered by the self absorption that seems to have overcome our generation. In this age, we are extremely sensitive, and at the same time say extremely insensitive things. The lyrics are essentially my own realization that we do not listen as much as we speak, and type. This song has become part of my personal journey serving to remind me to choose my thoughts and words more carefully.

The words we think, the words we speak, even the words we don't, are all a part of a bigger picture. They resonate in the universe reverberating back to us in whatever way we throw them out. There is so much power in a word, and the absence of them. They can be used to create joy, laughter, loving environments, sadness, rage, guilt... there is no stopping a word from changing something in someway. When I choose to think or say something, this song reminds me to pause and be sure it is something I want in my head and that I want coming from my mouth. I am hoping it can do the same for those who hear it. #words

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Women's Folk Fair Hatch Camp and Art Farm, Clayton, GA Hatch Camp and Art Farm, Clayton, GA
 —  — Betsy Franck Facebook Live Stream Dahlonega, GA Dahlonega, GA
Breastfest Athens, GA Athens, GA
Betsy Franck, Radford Windham, A. Lee Edwards Dahlonega Funeral Home Dahlonega Funeral Home
Performing w/ Randall Bramblett Rialto Room , Athen, GA Rialto Room , Athen, GA
Performing w/ Randall Bramblett Eddies Attic, Decatur, GA Eddies Attic, Decatur, GA
Country Music Songwriters in the Round + a special tribute to Johnny Cash Hendershot's , Athens, GA Hendershot's , Athens, GA
Kenny & The Bashers Annual 55th Birthday Celbration Hendershot's , Athens, GA Hendershot's , Athens, GA
Randall Bramblett The Foundry , Athens, GA The Foundry , Athens, GA
 —  — Betsy Franck Altered Frequencies, Franklin, NC 28734 Altered Frequencies, Franklin, NC 28734
 —  — Betsy Franck ( EP Release Show) w/ Admiral Radio Hendershot's , Athens, GA Hendershot's , Athens, GA
Hill House Concert  
 —  — Old Skool Trio w/ All the Singer Ladies Hendershot's , Athens, GA Hendershot's , Athens, GA
 —  — Unplugged for The North Georgia Cottage Little Kings Shuffle Club, Athens, Ga Little Kings Shuffle Club, Athens, Ga
 —  — Betsy Franck The Crimson Moon, Dahlonega, GA The Crimson Moon, Dahlonega, GA

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