Betsy Franck

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"Words" began as a song and has developed into a personal movement and basis for spreading a positive message through my work. I scribbled down the verses in less than 10 minutes, then it sat for a while. I tried it out at shows, but it did not take shape until my good friend, and musical collaborator, Scott Low, suggested I throw in a B minor, and to focus on coming up with one line to tie it all together, and "Words" was finished.

I didn't want to write a song that would add to the melancholy of the world. But would serve as a reminder to myself and to any who listen that our daily reality is based upon what we say and what we allow ourselves to think. I wrote this song bothered by the self absorption that seems to have overcome our generation. In this age, we are extremely sensitive, and at the same time say extremely insensitive things. The lyrics are essentially my own realization that we do not listen as much as we speak, and type. This song has become part of my personal journey serving to remind me to choose my thoughts and words more carefully.

The words we think, the words we speak, even the words we don't, are all a part of a bigger picture. They resonate in the universe reverberating back to us in whatever way we throw them out. There is so much power in a word, and the absence of them. They can be used to create joy, laughter, loving environments, sadness, rage, guilt... there is no stopping a word from changing something in someway. When I choose to think or say something, this song reminds me to pause and be sure it is something I want in my head and that I want coming from my mouth. I am hoping it can do the same for those who hear it. #words

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